Friday, February 5, 2010

*SPOTLIGHT* A certain inspiring blog which deserves a good look...

I believe it's time to turn our attention to this, which I believe it's important enough to be in the blog's Spotlight.
Some time ago, I came across a certain blog, made by a certain friend of mine... This friend... He usually showed up in school with some stuff he had written... Every single time he showed me those poems, I would become in awe before such words. This person, after some time, decided to publish some of these said writings. He is now the proud owner of a blog. It's written in Portuguese! He decided to keep his works written in his mother toungue, which I completely agree! Well then, be sure to pay a visit to this blog. The link has also been added to my list of recommended blogs, for easier access.

Anyway, here's the link for you: 

Well, then this is GX, signing off for the time being. See you later.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dark Tranquility - Fiction (2007)

01. Nothing To No One
02. The Lesser Faith
03. Terminus (Where Death is Most Alive)
04. Blind at Heart
05. Icipher
06. Inside the Particle Storm
07. Empty Me
08. Misery's Crown
09. Focus Shift
10. The Mundane and The Magic
11. A Closer End
12. Winter Triangle
13. Below The Radiance
14. Silence in The House of Tongues

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Some bands catch lightning in a bottle on their first release and never reach those levels again, while others build and improve on their previous albums and continually deliver excellent releases. Melodic death metal legends Dark Tranquillity are one of those bands that have been around for a long time and have perfected and refined their sound and rarely disappoint.

This album, Fiction is no exception. It has a lot of diversity and the perfect balance of melody and brutality. The songs are extremely well written with very catchy hooks and great riffs. The keyboards add extra atmosphere without being too obtrusive. Dark Tranquillity has infused a lot of variety into this album, with tracks ranging from fast thrash metal to medium tempo death metal to slower, almost gothic metal. 

Mikael Stanne does an excellent job with the vocals. They are aggressive and varied and you can even understand his rasps. He also attempts some melodic singing, which is serviceable, and there are some female melodic vocals on one of the songs as well. 

Some of the songs I would recommend would be:

  • The Lesser Faith
  • Focus Shift
  • Misery's Crown
  • A Closer End

Dark Tranquillity have proven they are still one of the best bands in their genre and Fiction, undoubtly, is a really impressive and memorable album. I can surely recommend it!

...Well, the problem is, even though it is still working somehow, there is a lack of progression from their previous two albums that might start to bore the heck out of some people. Not counting the nostalgic listeners who wish the band would take a step back towards their The Gallery era sound (Sorry but it ain't gonna happen!).

>Score: 9.5/10


Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing: "GX's ALBUM REVIEWS!" / New Blog for you to check out!

(Yeah that figures...)

I got this idea from a friend of mine. xD
Anyways, "what's this whole thing about 'album reviews', GX?", you would ask me.
Well then, my answer is this, it's pretty simple:
I will give a comprehensive opinion on the highs and lows, favourite songs, least favourite, what could be improved, etc. To sum it up, what a review should be!
Simple, huh? Thought so too ^^ My reviews will start showing up in the next post. Plus, I will edit some of the older posts and add my reviews.

Moving to the other subject, a friend of mine is creating a new blog to talk about pretty much everything ^^
It's really awesome! Oh, and don't forget to comment too!

That's all for today! I'll be adding reviews to the albums and you'll be adding comments on my friend's blog. Fair deal, eh? See ya!


Sunday, November 15, 2009

*EXCLUSIVE* DevilDriver

Another update this week: DevilDriver discography! (Excluding EP's, demos, singles, etc.)
Be sure to check them out! These guys are wicked!! =D

DevilDriver (2003)

01. Nothing's Wrong
02. I Could Care Less
03. Die (And Die Now)
04. I Dreamed I Died
05. Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy Of The Scorned)
06. The Mountain
07. Knee Deep
08. What Does It Take (To Be A Man)
09. Swinging The Dead
10. Revelation Machine
11. Meet The Wretched
12. Devil's Son

The Fury of Our Maker's Hand (2005)

01. End Of The Line
02. Driving Down The Darkness
03. Grinfucked
04. Hold Back The Day
05. Sin And Sacrifice
06. Ripped Apart
07. Pale Horse Apocalypse
08. Just Run
09. Impending Disaster
10. Bear Witness Onto
11. Before The Hangmans Noose
12. The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand

The Last Kind Words (2007)

01. Not All Who Wander Are Lost
02. Clouds Over California
03. Bound By The Moon
04. Horn Of Betrayal
05. These Fighting Words
06. Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot)
07. Burning Sermon
08. Monsters Of The Deep
09. Tirades Of Truth
10. When Summoned
11. The Axe Shall Fall

Pray For Villains (2009)

01. Pray for Villains
02. Pure Sincerity
03. Fate Stepped In
04. Back with a Vengence
05. I've Been Sober
06. Resurrection Blvd.
07. Forgiveness is a Six Gun
08. Waiting for November
09. It's in the Cards
10. Another Night in London
11. Bitter Pill
12. Teach Me to Whisper
13. I See Belief





Saturday, November 14, 2009

*UPDATE!!* Breaking Benjamin

UPDATE!!: Breaking Benjamin discography updated!! Now with their brand new album, "Dear Agony"! I'll be updating the blog with some more stuff too! =D (-GX-)


01. Wish I May
02. Medicate
03. Polyamorous
04. Skin
05. Natural Life
06. Next to Nothing
07. Water
08. Home
09. Phrase
10. No Games
11. Sugarcoat
12. Shallow Bay
13. Saturate

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01. So Cold
02. Simple Design
03. Follow
04. Firefly
05. Break My Fall
06. Forget It
07. Sooner or Later
08. Breakdown
09. Away
10. Believe
11. Rain

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PHOBIA (2006) [My personal favourite...]

01. Intro
02. The Diary of Jane
03. Breath
04. You
05. Evil Angel
06. Until The End
07. Dance With The Devil
08. Topless
09. Here We Are
10. Unknown Soldier
11. Had Enough
12. You Fight Me
13. Outro
14. The Diary of Jane (Acoustic Version)

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01. Fade Away
02. I Will Not Bow
03. Crawl
04. Give Me A Sign
05. Hopeless
06. What Lies Beneath
07. Anthem of Angels
08. Lights Out
09. Dear Agony
10. Into The Nothing
11. Without You

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(Updated November 14th, 2009. -GX)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory (1999)

01. Regression

02. Overture 1928
03. Strange Deja Vu
04. Through My Words
05. Fatal Tragedy
06. Beyond This Life
07. Through Her Eyes
08. Home
09. The Dance of Eternity
10. One Last Time
11. The Spirit Carries On
12. Finally Free

Celldweller - The Beta Cessions [2 CD] (2005)

[CD 1:]

01. Goodbye
02. Switchback [2001]
03. Switchback [Elevation & Kenneth Thomas Remix]
04. Stay With Me (Unlikely) [Detroit 2000]
05. Under My Feet [Detroit 2000]
06. Switchback [Detroit 2000]
07. So Sorry To Say [Detroit 2000]
08. Stay With Me [Unlikely] [Scott Humphrey-Frank Gryner remix]
09. Afraid This Time [Detroit 2000]
10. Under My Feet [Original Demo]
11. Klayton - Beggining of The End
12. Klayton - Kemikal
13. Switchback [2001] [Instrumental]
14. Goodbye [Instrumental]
15. Switchback [Detroit 2000] [Instrumental]

[CD 2:]

01. Switchback [Instrumental]
02. Stay With Me (Unlikely) [Instrumental]
03. The Last Firstborn [Instrumental]
04. Under My Feet [Instrumental]
05. I Believe You [Instrumental]
06. Frozen [Instrumental]
07. Symbiont [Instrumental]
08. Afraid This Time [Instrumental]
09. Fadeaway [Instrumental]
10. So Sorry to Say [Instrumental]
11. Own Little World [Instrumental]
12. Unlikely (Stay With Me) [Instrumental]
13. One Good Reason [Instrumental]
14. The Stars of Orion [Instrumental]
15. Welcome to the End [Instrumental]

Download Link (CD 1)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Celldweller - Celldweller (2003) *Updated - 1 PART*

01. ---- (Cell #1)
02. Switchback
03. Stay With Me (Unlikely)
04. The Last Firstborn
05. Under My Feet
06. I Believe You
07. Frozen
08. Symbiont
09. Afraid This Time
10. Fadeaway
11. ---- (Cell #2)
12. So Sorry to Say
13. Own Little World
14. Unlikely (Stay With Me)
15. One Good Reason
16. The Stars of Orion
17. ---- (Cell #3)
18. Welcome to The End

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All That Remains - Overcome (2008)

01. Before the Dammned
02. Two Weeks
03. Undone
04. Forever in Your Hands
05. Chiron
06. Days Without
07. A Song For The Hopeless
08. Do Not Obey
09. Relinquish
10. Overcome
11. Believe in Nothing

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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Hello, frantic readers of the blog! I am officially back to postings with none other than the A7X discography! =D Since 2001, these guys have done it all, since "To End The Rapture" to "Afterlife" or "Demons". Here you have them!


01. To End The Rapture
02. Turn the Other Way
03. Darkness Surrounding
04. The Art of Subconscious Illusion
05. We Come Out at Night
06. Lips of Deceit
07. Warmness on The Soul
08. An Epic of Time Wasted
09. Breaking Their Hold
10. Forgoten Faces
11. Thick and Thin
12. Streets
13. Stattered by Broken Dreams

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01. Warmness on The Soul [Single Version]
02. Darkness Surrounding
We Come Out at Night
04. To End The Rapture

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01. Waking The Fallen
02. Unholy Confessions
03. Chaper Four
04. Remenissions
05. Desecrate Through Reverance
06. Eternal Rest
07. Second Heartbeat
08. Radiant Eclipse
09. I Won't See You Tonight (Part 1)
10. I Won't See You Tonight (Part 2)
11. Clairvoyant Disease
12. And All Things Will End

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01. Beast and The Harlot
02. Burn it Down
03. Blinded in Chains
04. Bat Country
Trashed and Scattered
06. Sieze the Day
07. Sidewinder
08. The Wicked End
09. Strength of The World
10. Betrayed
11. M.I.A.

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01. Critical Acclaim
02. Almost Easy
03. Scream
04. Afterlife
05. Gunslinger
06. Unbound (The Wild Ride)
07. Brompton Cocktail
08. Lost

09. A Little Piece Of Heaven
10. Dear God

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01. Demons
02. Girl I Know
03. Crossroads
04. Flash of The Blade
05. Until The End
06. Tension
07. Walk
08. The Fight
09. Dancing Dead
10. Almost Easy [CLA Mix]
11. Afterlife [Alternat Version]

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This is GX with another fine release! (it was about time!... --')